Caitlin Rowley is currently working on her practice-based PhD in interdisciplinary composition at Bath Spa University under the supervision of Prof. James Saunders and Dr Robert Luzar. The interim title of her research is ‘Studio/Stage: Questioning the division of ‘public’ and ‘private’ through interdisciplinary composition’ and her work investigates how the normally private, unseen spaces and activity of the composer’s studio and notebooks may become visible through their use as content in composition.

She is an active member of Bath Spa University’s Open Scores Lab research group, and has collaborated several times with her Bastard Assignments colleague Josh Spear (Norwegian Academy of Music) on conference presentations and publications relating to creative collaboration and DIY events, most recently the forthcoming peer-reviewed article ‘Schedule Meeting: Keeping it live in Bastard Assignments’ Lockdown Jams’ (2021, Journal of Music, Health and Wellbeing).

Information on her Masters’ research projects – At the Borders of Music, Art and Text: Exploring an interdisciplinary approach to composition (2013-14, supervised by Dr Sam Hayden) and A Sketchbook of Mushrooms: Visual art as a tool for notated composition (2012-13, supervised by Dr Dominic Murcott) – can be found elsewhere on this site, and her early work on Erik Satie is available online as Erik Satie’s Crystal Ball.

Research interests

Caitlin’s research interests include:

  • private experiences (composition practice, memory, the private experience of performing)
  • generative creative spaces (studio/notebooks)
  • virtuality
  • composer presence
  • the score as object (art/sonic/physical object)
  • the everyday
  • fear as a creative tool
  • interdisciplinary composition/The New Discipline
  • the music of Erik Satie
  • Australian contemporary classical composition

Publications and conference papers

Some notable examples include:

‘As if unobserved: Experiments towards a publicly visible composition practice’
Presentation at Experience::Music::Experiment seminar on Pragmatism and Artistic Research at Orpheus Instituut, Ghent, 14 February 2020.
‘Bastard Assignments: The collaborative studio and the “creative acreage”‘
With Josh Spear. Presentation at Collaborations Are More Refreshing Than New Socks conference at Royal Conservatoire Antwerp, 4 December 2019.
‘The Intimate Score: Prioritising performer experience in Community of Objects
Peer-reviewed article published on the Question journal blog, 9 January 2018.
Read on the Question website »
Australia: Exploring the Musical Landscape
Edited by Caitlin Rowley and published by the Australian Music Centre and the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (1998).
“This book is an excellent starting point for anyone wishing to find their way across Australia’s complex musical landscape. The journey starts out with concepts behind traditional Aboriginal music, popular, jazz, classical and folk musics, and the music of ‘new traditions’, where traditional immigrant cultures meet and meld to create something quite new.”
Purchase online from the Australian Music Centre
The Composer Speaks II - ebook coverThe Composer Speaks II: Proceedings of the Australian New Music Conference 1990
Edited by Graeme Skinner and Caitlin Rowley
Reissued as an ebook from the Australian Music Centre