Australia: Exploring the Musical Landscape
Edited by Caitlin Rowley and published by the Australian Music Centre and the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (1998).
“This book is an excellent starting point for anyone wishing to find their way across Australia’s complex musical landscape. The journey starts out with concepts behind traditional Aboriginal music, popular, jazz, classical and folk musics, and the music of ‘new traditions’, where traditional immigrant cultures meet and meld to create something quite new.”
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The Composer Speaks II - ebook coverThe Composer Speaks II: Proceedings of the Australian New Music Conference 1990
Edited by Graeme Skinner and Caitlin Rowley
Reissued as an ebook from the Australian Music Centre

Book chapter

Experience Music Experiment book coverRowley, C. (2021) ‘As If Unobserved: Experiments towards a publicly visible composition practice’, in Brooks, W. (ed.) Experience Music Experiment: Pragmatism and Artistic Research. Ghent: Orpheus Institute (Orpheus Institute Series). Purchase online from Orpheus Institute here


‘Reflections on Cyborg Collaborations: Cross-Disciplinary Collaborative Practice in Technologically-Focused Contemporary Music’
Peer-reviewed article co-written with Zubin Kanga, Mark Dyer and Jonathan Packham, published in Tempo, 78(308), pp. 55-69 in April 2024.
Available at:
‘The Intimate Score: Prioritising performer experience in Community of Objects
Peer-reviewed article published on the Question journal blog, 9 January 2018.
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‘Down the rabbit hole: Martin Wesley-Smith, David Del Tredici and the influence of Lewis Carroll’
Published in 2MBS-FM: Stereo FM Radio 102.5 magazine in October 2002.
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‘Composers without borders’
Article on young Australian composers drawing on popular music in creating new ‘classical’ music. Published in 2MBS-FM: Stereo FM Radio 102.5 magazine in January 2000.
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‘Peggy Glanville-Hicks: A lifetime’s search for leisure and silence’
Published in 2MBS-FM: Stereo FM Radio 102.5 magazine in July 1999.
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Conference papers

Caitlin Rowley, ‘Studio and stage: Interdisciplinarity and the composer’s everyday in Quiet Songs‘, 9th Music and/as Process Conference: Music and Interdisciplinary Practice 2022, online, 17 September 2022; repeated by invitation at the Goldsmiths Music and RMA Music and/as Process Study Group ‘Music and Interdisciplinary Practice’ study day, Goldsmiths, University of London, 24 February 2023.

Josh Spear and Caitlin Rowley, ‘Together/Not Together: A conversation about networked collaborative processes’, video presentation at 8th Music and/as Process Conference: Networked Collaborative Processes 2021, online, 25 June 2021.

Caitlin Rowley, ‘As if unobserved: Experiments towards a publicly visible composition practice’, Experience::Music::Experiment seminar on Pragmatism and Artistic Research at Orpheus Instituut, Ghent, 14 February 2020.

Caitlin Rowley and Josh Spear, ‘Bastard Assignments: The collaborative studio and the “creative acreage”‘, Collaborations Are More Refreshing Than New Socks conference organised by CREATIE and CeReNeM at Royal Conservatoire Antwerp, 4 December 2019. View on »

Caitlin Rowley and Josh Spear, ‘Composer, Performer, Composer-Performer: The collective as a nurturing environment for developing artist identity’, RMA study day ‘The Classical Musician in the 21st Century’ at the Faculty of Music, University of Cambridge, 23 May 2019.

Josh Spear and Caitlin Rowley, ‘Bastard Assignments: Returning to normal’, ‘From Authorship and Spectatorship to Usership in Music’ at the Orpheus Institute, Ghent, Belgium, 21 Feburary 2019.

Recordings and scores

Bastard Assignments
The debut album by Bastard Assignments, including Caitlin performing her solo vocal piece dot drip line line 8918: EDGE as well as contributing performances to Enya Do You Need A Tambourine Player I’m Really Good by Timothy Cape, Comedown by Josh Spear and PrEP by the group. Read more about the album or…
Download from Bandcamp
The Closet Music Travel Pack
A publication of several postcard-sized scores for imagined music, including Four Black and White Pieces. Published by Janet Oates and available directly from the publisher. Please contact Caitlin for contact details.
1200RPM:RPM2015 cover1200RPM:RPM2015
Album of electroacoustic music created in February 2015 for RPM Challenge. Comprises four tracks: Nightbirds, Negative Space, Random Study No. 1 and 1200RPM. Read more about 1200RPM:RPM2015 or…
Download for free from Bandcamp
Hammered CD coverHammered: Australian Post-1970 Piano Works
Jeanell Carrigan, piano
Shimmer by Caitlin Rowley. Also works by Bruce Crossman, Graeme Koehne, Stephen Leek, Georges Lentz, Mark Pollard, Lesleigh Thompson and Michael Whitacker.
Vox Australis VAST027-2
Buy online from the Australian Music Centre
(physical CD only)


Kanga, Z. et al. (2024) Technology and Contemporary Classical Music: Methodologies in Practice-Based Research. Working Paper. National Centre for Research Methods. Available at:

Pre-recorded conversation with Anna Braithwaite about networked collaborative processes for Music and/as Process’s presentation (‘Music and/as Process Study Group: Networked Collaborative Processes in Experimental Composition and Performance’) presented by Alistair Zaldua at the Royal Musical Association 57th Annual Conference, Newcastle University, Newcastle (hybrid in-person/online), 15 September 2021.