Work in progress:

    • HAYDN SPACE OPERA, a virtual reality environment created in Mozilla Hubs. Launched at Bath Spa University’s SparkFest digital festival 2021 and currently being presented at Electric Medway festival.
    • WALKS, a series of collaborative video works created with Katie Hanning and Jon England (Kaths Kaff). WALKS 1-4 were released in June 2021, with WALKS 5-12 being commissioned by Electric Medway and released on 21 August 2021. A fourth set of videos is under development.
    • Piano work for Zubin Kanga
    • Impedimenta, collaboration with flautist Jenni Hogan


Obviously, the biggest ongoing project I have at the moment is my PhD, which questions the division of public and private creative spaces through interdisciplinary composition. More about this work turns up in the blog on this site and the composition vlog on my YouTube channel.

  • Composition vlog – a fortnightly video blog tracking my work in progress (2017- )

Selected completed projects

  • Quiet Songs, for detuned viola, video and voice, a commission for the 2019 Aldeburgh Festival.
  • Whitespace, a project exploring the space of the page and the space of the studio/stage
  • Aides memoire/POV, a piece for Bastard Assignments about memory which uses field recordings and live photo-taking with an assortment of cameras
  • Community of Objects for two to four performers. Experimental piece exploring the private experience of public performance. Written for Plus-Minus Ensemble.

Completed research projects

These two research projects were completed during my Master’s degree and both focus on developing the role of visual art within my composition practice.