Upcoming events

Performances of Caitlin Rowley’s music and by Caitlin as performer, and exhibitions featuring Caitlin’s artwork.

21-30 August 2021: WALKS 5-12 and HAYDN SPACE OPERA at Electric Medway
Electric Medway festival presents the premiere of WALKS 5-12 (by Kaths Kaff, and commissioned by Electric Medway) as part of their digital programme. HAYDN SPACE OPERA will also be presented as part of the Festival’s Showcase programme. For more information, see

commissioned by Electric Medway, 21-30 August 2021 part of Electric Medway, 21-30 August 2021

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Recent events

27 June 2021: A Memory of Wind premiere
Caitlin will perform her solo viola piece A Memory of Wind at a house gig. Private performance, no tickets available.

15 June 2021: Launch: WALKS 1-4
Launch of this collaborative video piece, created with Katie Hanning and Jon England, two of Caitlin’s collaborators in the collective Kaths Kaff. Available on YouTube from 15 June 2021. Subscribe to my YouTube channel to be notified when this and future video releases (including vlog episodes) go live.

10-23 May 2021: HAYDN SPACE OPERA at SparkFest 2021
Caitlin’s virtual reality piece, created on the Mozilla Hubs browser-based platform. A performance in a notebook, coffee on loop, Bastard Assignments rehearsals, Phyllida Barlow and an apocalypse. Come on in!
Presented by Bath Spa University’s SparkFest digital festival. Free and open 24/7 – explore HAYDN SPACE OPERA now »

Through 2020 and early 2021: Bastard Assignments lockdown jams
Bastard Assignments’ ‘lockdown jams’ are short experiments in online work development, created by the group’s members and guest artists including Jennifer Walshe, Marcela Lucatelli, Alexander Schubert, Neil Luck, Thick and Tight, Lea Anderson and Michael Brailey. See them all at

14 October 2020: [Performing] Bastard Assignments live online
Performing Alexander Schubert’s Browsing, Idling, Investigating, Dreaming live online for DIKU’s Artistic Research Autumn Forum 2020.

22 April 2020: goats at hiberNATION Festival
Livestreamed performance by Australian composer/performer Elizabeth Jigalin as part of a fab programme for hiberNATION Festival including music by by Peggy Polias, Ciaran Frame, Peter Ablinger, Takehisa Kosugi, Sofia Gubaidulina, Andrea Keller, Alexandra Streliski, and Johanna Beye. 7.30am Sydney time on the hiberNATION website (this is 10.30pm 21 April 2020 London time).

4 & 5 March 2020: Solo performance and installation in Bath
Caitlin will be performing intermittently over several hours on two evenings celebrating the opening of Bath Spa University’s new Locksbrook Road Campus in Bath. She will be performing Quiet Songs, dot drip line line 8918: EDGE and work by James Saunders, Oogoo Maia and Vassilis Chatzimrakis, as well as a new installation version of dot drip line line 8317: Fall.

5 February 2020: [Performing] Bastard Assignments in Oslo
Performing an extended version of Edward Henderson’s Will with Bastard Assignments in the Lindemansalen at Norwegian Academy of Music, Oslo, 8-8.20pm. This performance is part of a festival. More info (in Norwegian!) at