Things I Found In Boxes

‘deceptively simple… Rowley’s actions were extremely deliberate and the sounds that she made coalesced into a striking audio piece’ (Robert Hugill, reviewing Things I Found In Boxes: Opening at Bastard Assignments: Fresh & Clean 3)

A work in progress which combines electroacoustic music and live performance, Things I Found In Boxes explores ideas of memory and self-identity through objects and was developed following an extended period of sorting through belongings I’d stored in Australia for a decade.

The first section of Things I Found In Boxes, “Opening” was performed by the composer at Bastard Assignments: Fresh & Clean 3 at Block 336 Gallery in Brixton in February 2016. This section explores sounds produced by packing materials – principally cardboard boxes, tape and newspaper. This section comprises a static tape part with a part for live performer playing a cardboard box full of screwed up newspaper. Photographs are by Dimitri Djuric.

Caitlin Rowley performing Things I Found In Boxes: Opening at Block 336



The rest of the work is currently under development.