A site-specific text score written for Bastard Assignments’ Sound Walk With Me around Blackheath on 12 June 2016. This was part of Trinity Laban’s Diggin’ Blackheath event.

Gravel engages with the remnants of Blackheath’s many gravel pits which were quarried for limestone gravel in the 18th and 19th centuries. The ideal location for its performance (although not the one used for the event, due to various factors) is Eliot Pits (location on Google Maps) which is quite easily accessed from St Austell Rd, Blackheath.[Please note that Eliot Pits contains uneven and sometimes boggy ground.]

To perform this piece, you will need a small handful of gravel. Download the score here (PDF, 37K).

Performance of Gravel
L-R: Will Howarth, Timothy Cape and Sophie Shenton perform Gravel on Blackheath. Photography by Edward Henderson