Exquisite Bells (Cologne)

Co-composed with Edward Henderson around a field recording Caitlin made in Cologne, standing near Cologne cathedral and listening to church bells, the crowds of tourists and inexplicably musical screaming children. Edward and Caitlin respond to the recording on piano and ROLI Seaboard Block, creating a cinematic soundscape from the everyday sounds of a tourist destination in midsummer.

The recording itself was recorded for use in Harry Matthews’ Home and Away Chords, which Matthews wrote for Caitlin in 2022. The sung note at the end is a response to the sounds captured in the recording, and in Matthews’ piece these recordings with their sung pitches are layered to create sung chords. Hear Home and Away Chords on YouTube here (this version was recorded before this Cologne recording was made but gives an idea of how this field recording was intended to be used).