Diabolus now on SoundCloud

My new piece for unaccompanied violin, Diabolus, is now up on SoundCloud in a MIDI-rendered version for your listening pleasure. The piece itself has been sent to Conway Kuo in New York for consideration for his 15 Minutes of Fame concert, so I can’t post the score yet as he gets first dibs on the first performance. Hope you (and he!) enjoy(s) it!

Diabolus is a one-minute piece for solo violin based around the interval of the tritone, the diabolus in musica. It features open string sonorities and natural harmonics and aims for a mix of aggressive rhythmical patterns and moments of stillness.

The blog post Approaching a single line from three directions, posted on this site a few weeks ago, traces the generation of the piece’s initial form. A follow-up post looking at the transformation of the base material to become the final piece is planned for publication in the next month.