Work in progress:

    • HAYDN SPACE OPERA, a virtual reality environment created in Mozilla Hubs.
    • WALKS, a series of collaborative video works created with Katie Hanning and Jon England (Kaths Kaff). WALKS 1-4 were released in June 2021, with WALKS 5-12 being commissioned by Electric Medway and released on 21 August 2021. A fourth set of videos is under development.
    • Piano work for Zubin Kanga


Obviously, the biggest ongoing project I have at the moment is my PhD, which questions the division of public and private creative spaces through interdisciplinary composition.

  • Duo with Edward Henderson – co-composed pieces for piano and electronics with my colleague from Bastard Assignments
  • Notebook – publishing my composition notebooks online
  • Composition vlog – a fortnightly video blog tracking my work in progress (2017- [2020 – currently on hold while I finish my thesis] )

Selected completed projects

  • A Memory of Wind, for viola – how might a petrified forest under the sea remember the wind?
  • Quiet Songs, for detuned viola, video and voice, a commission for the 2019 Aldeburgh Festival.
  • Whitespace, a project exploring the space of the page and the space of the studio/stage
  • Aides memoire/POV, a piece for Bastard Assignments about memory which uses field recordings and live photo-taking with an assortment of cameras
  • Community of Objects for two to four performers. Experimental piece exploring the private experience of public performance. Written for Plus-Minus Ensemble.

Completed research projects

These two research projects were completed during my Master’s degree and both focus on developing the role of visual art within my composition practice.