Work in progress:

  • Collaborative project with cellist Amy Jolly to create variations on a theme by Benjamin Britten
  • Impedimenta, collaboration with flautist Jenni Hogan
  • Piano work for Zubin Kanga


Obviously, the biggest ongoing project I have at the moment is my PhD, which explores public and private creative spaces through interdisciplinary composition. More about this work turns up in the blog on this site and the composition vlog on my YouTube channel.

  • Trio. A collaborative project with Leona Jones and Misha Penton. At the moment this is at the start of a content-creation phase. I will be posting new content to the site on or around the 10th of each month, with Misha and Leona posting on the 1st and 20th respectively. (2018- )
  • Collection. An online project tracking a random assortment of things which may or may not turn out to be influences (2017- )
  • Composition vlog – a fortnightly video blog tracking my work in progress (2017- )
  • dot drip line line. Open score for any number of performers. (2016- )
  • Red Velvet, a sequence of experimental pieces involving cake. The first of these was Cake Piece. (2015- )
  • Crossing Dartmoor. Song cycle for tenor and piano (or guitar), based on Richard Long’s Dartmoor textworks. Commissioned by Simon Oliver Marsh. (2014- )

Selected completed projects

  • Quiet Songs, for detuned viola, video and voice, a commission for the 2019 Aldeburgh Festival.
  • Whitespace, a project exploring the space of the page and the space of the studio/stage
  • Aides memoire/POV, a piece for Bastard Assignments about memory which uses field recordings and live photo-taking with an assortment of cameras
  • Community of Objects for two to four performers. Experimental piece exploring the private experience of public performance. Written for Plus-Minus Ensemble.
  • Black Book, sketchbook project
  • Paper, for solo cello and video.

Completed research projects

These two research projects were completed during my Master’s degree and both focus on developing the role of visual art within my composition practice.