Pieces in progress:

  • Revision of Breadcrumbs, commissioned by Charlotte Richardson, due May 2017.
  • Sketchbook project exploring imagery relating to the studio
  • Things I Found In Boxes. Experimental hybrid media album exploring notions of memory and self-identification through objects. The first part was performed at Bastard Assignments: Fresh & Clean 3 at Block 336, Brixton in February 2016.
  • Crossing Dartmoor. Song cycle for tenor and piano (or guitar), based on Richard Long’s Dartmoor textworks. Commissioned by Simon Oliver Marsh.
  • Red Velvet, a sequence of experimental pieces involving cake. The first of these was Cake Piece.


Selected completed projects

  • Paper, for solo cello and video.
  • trainlines. Verbal score for private performance on an intercity train.
  • Fortune Favours The Brave. New experimental work for solo flute for Jenni Hogan.
  • Manifesto. Experimental work using vocal and body-sound improvisation recordings, and video footage by the composer, developed through Max/MSP.
  • Glissandi. Artwork commission for Closet Music: Imagined Soundworlds exhibition (2015)
  • At the Borders of Music, Art and Text: Exploring an interdisciplinary approach to composition, composition research project (2013-14) focusing on music for voices including Drowning SongsCrossing Dartmoor and the parksong series of experimental pieces/artworks.
  • A Sketchbook of Mushrooms, composition research project based on Cy Twombly’s Natural History: Part I: Mushrooms exploring musical equivalents for visual arts techniques and the use of collage as a compositional tool. (2012-13)