Homesick Pieces

Postcard pieces

On an extended visit back to Australia after seven years away, I found myself homesick for England. The contrast between the soggy grey British early winter I’d left and the Australian summer I found myself in was extreme, and these pieces reflect those contrasts. Combining photographs of Australia with textual recollections of England, and each of them posted to a different recipient, they sit somewhere between art, imagined music and poetry and explore remembered and imagined sounds.

Homesick Piece No. 1: At 42 degrees Celsius
for Edward Henderson

Homesick Piece No. 1


Homesick Piece No. 2: After days of torrential rain
For Timothy Cape

Homesick Piece No. 2


Homesick Piece No. 3:  Tube mice
For Alexandra Kremakova

Homesick Piece No. 3


Homesick Piece No. 4: Lazy Saturday morning
For Josh Spear

Homesick Piece No. 4

First performance: Posted to recipients on 6 January, 25 January, 1 February and 2 February 2016