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Procrastination = Fear

Risk-taking can be terrifying, but it can also lead to much greater rewards of artistic development than playing it safe... at least I hope it will!

Graphic scores, text scores, freedom and ownership

What elements make a piece 'belong' to a composer? How much does a performer's own personal musical language make a graphic score piece 'theirs' rather than 'mine'? A gentle toe in the water of the question of ownership via two recently completed pieces: the text score Parlour Game and the graphic composition Sepiascape with Grey.

Considering the audience

Stepping around the overly general question of whether composers should consider their audience when writing, I'm considering the specific role the audience plays in my own process - and how my approach could be counterproductive to producing more interesting work.


I'm currently gathering my thoughts together, following my final MMus recital. In particular, I am starting to work through the structure of my MFA project which will be the guiding force behind my composition projects for the coming academic year. Focusing on the intersection of text and visual art, this is giving a lot of scope for research and composition...

Cy Twombly: Defeating linear thinking

In the final stage of my Cy Twombly project, I use purpose-made collages as tools for composition.

Cy Twombly: Lines and angles as musical ciphers

As part of my research for my Cy Twombly project, A Sketchbook of Mushrooms, I did quite a bit of thinking about how the specific elements of the artworks I was working with could directly translate into musical material. We had a session with composer John Woolrich for our All Composers workshop class which focused […]

Cy Twombly: Making a mess

On the benefits of mess-making as a compositional process, a work-in-progress post on A Sketchbook of Mushrooms

Work in progress: Cy Twombly & the amplification of white space

In the second of my Cy Twombly project sketches, I consider musical white space as a low-contrast element and how Twombly's smudges and smears can be seen as amplifying white space.

Cy Twombly: Smudges and smears

I consider possible musical equivalents for smudges and smears in Cy Twombly's Natural History: Part I: Mushrooms

The joy of planning

I start planning my upcoming compositions and consider what instruments to use for my Cy Twombly project.