Awesomeness: Anglepoise

It seems strange to be writing about a desk lamp as part of my composition workflow, but not only does my Anglepoise lamp do a great job of lighting my workspace, it also has a place as part of my daily starting-work rituals.

Awesomeness: Tate Modern

I consider the Tate Modern to be one of the most important tools I have in creating new music at this point in my career. It's provided the starting point for several of my pieces and is a haven of peace and inspiration. See for yourself!

Awesomeness: Behind Bars

A series of blog posts on awesome tools for composition: Today - a copying manual - 'how dull!', you may think, but this is actually one of the most exciting books I've come across in a considerable period of time. Why? Because it not only has answers, it's a source of inspiration.