Cut’n’paste job: Constructing a text from multiple sources

New term, new pieces! Starting work on research and text-construction for a new choral piece commissioned by the Trinity Laban Chamber Choir.

Reconciling research and commissioned work

Can the needs of a practice-based research project be balanced with those of a commissioned piece? I consider the question of how to create a place in my MFA project for my two major commissions this year.


I'm currently gathering my thoughts together, following my final MMus recital. In particular, I am starting to work through the structure of my MFA project which will be the guiding force behind my composition projects for the coming academic year. Focusing on the intersection of text and visual art, this is giving a lot of scope for research and composition...

Breadcrumbs: Handling dramatic time

The last week or so has seen some big changes to Breadcrumbs, the dramatic monologue for unaccompanied soprano I've been writing. In particular I've been considering how best to handle the issue of dramatic time that moves at a different pace from performance time, and I've gleaned useful ideas from performances at the Téte à Téte opera festival.

Sonorities, tiny details, process

Nearing the end of my Rothko string quartet, I've been working on compiling a palette of string sonorities to use across the piece, to both create contrast and draw connections across sections of the piece.

Breadcrumbs: Writing your own text

For my latest piece, a dramatic monologue for unaccompanied soprano, I've had a go at writing my own text. Read about how I started, and how the text is changing during the composition process.

Procrastination, perfectionism or sheer terror

Why finishing a piece is sometimes the hardest part

Cy Twombly: Defeating linear thinking

In the final stage of my Cy Twombly project, I use purpose-made collages as tools for composition.

Cy Twombly: Lines and angles as musical ciphers

As part of my research for my Cy Twombly project, A Sketchbook of Mushrooms, I did quite a bit of thinking about how the specific elements of the artworks I was working with could directly translate into musical material. We had a session with composer John Woolrich for our All Composers workshop class which focused […]

Cy Twombly: Making a mess

On the benefits of mess-making as a compositional process, a work-in-progress post on A Sketchbook of Mushrooms