Carrion Comfort in Colchester! Free!

7.30pm, Saturday 3 December, Colchester – skip down for full details

OK, so not the orchestral piece – it’s still not quite done, but I’m super-excited about this performance anyway because this is the graphic score of Carrion Comfort! The one that I talked about in the latest work in progress post – the intensity map I created to help me understand where I wanted my fully-notated  orchestral piece to go that became this piece by Stuart Russell. And I’m super-excited that it’s going to be performed by Midnight Llama because I just know they’re going to come up with something totally unlike anything I’d have notated and I can’t wait to see where they take it.

So it’s going to be an awesome night – come along! It’s FREE! All you need to do is RSVP via the Facebook event (everyone’s on Facebook, right? You’re not? Well, just let me know how many will be in your party and I’ll tell the powers that be).

So what’s the event about? Well, lots of exciting shiny new and exciting new music – acousmatic, electronic, live and a mixture of all of the above. Midnight Llama are the headline act:

“we specialise in doing stuff that other people often shy away from or think is too loud or weird for them.
We will hit cheap fiddles with paintbrushes, we will put acoustic instruments through rock guitar pedals, we will involve the audience and we will put on a show instead of just sitting around staring at dots while playing”

As well as Carrion Comfort, there’ll be music by Stuart Russell, Lauren Redhead, Alan Parsons, Norah Lorway, Sam Grinsell (who’s doing a set based on the music of Bach, Ornette Coleman and Bill Drummond) and Chrissie Caulfield, the Llama’s electric violinist.

Chrissie is also going to be holding a composers’ workshop on writing for 5-string and electric violins at 2pm on the day of the concert, so we can learn all about writing for mad distortion pedals and hearing exactly what can be done with and to these instruments. Read more about the workshop on Chrissie’s blog.

Where and when?

It’s called New Music Against the Grain and it’s happening in Colchester, at Slackspace: St James House, Queen Street, CO1 2PQ Colchester, United Kingdom

7.30pm this Saturday, 3 December

Read more and RSVP on Facebook!

Did I say it’s FREE? 🙂