Improvements to!

If you’re a regular visitor, you may notice I’ve been making a few changes around here. In particular, after a sudden realisation that I have over a decades’ worth of blog posts hiding in this site, I’ve reworked the News and Articles pages to include only summaries instead of full articles (to make them easier to browse) and to include a full-blog search, so if you couldn’t find that article that particularly spoke to you several months back, hopefully you can now!

Other improvements:

  • ‘Recent posts’ has been replaced by ‘Popular posts’ – this is because I figured the recent posts were easily found in the category pages, but it’s not always so easy for new visitors to tell what content has been most interesting for other people.
  • Using SoundCloud’s new experimental HTML5 code, released this week, all the sound files in the site should now be playable on your iDevice, whether iPad, iPhone or iPod – hope you enjoy it! SoundCloud is working on some issues with older versions of IE and I’ll keep an eye on what they’re doing, but in the meantime, if you can’t play a file, and for some reason can’t access it on SoundCloud, please let me know
  • I have implemented a new plugin for comments which will (should!) allow users to log in to the site using their social network of choice rather than having to type in their name and other details every time. I’m hoping that this will make commenting easier and encourage more discussion on the site rather than just on the individual social networks where I publicise posts – let me know what you think of it, please? Perhaps by leaving a comment!

To celebrate the new SoundCloud code, I’ve also put up another recording onto SoundCloud. It’s not a new one, I’m afraid, but it may still be new to you unless you’ve explored the depths of the Music section of this site.