Roland Barthes, composition and the public/private creative continuum
There now, that’s more the sort of title you’d expect from a PhD student, isn’t it? Don’t take this as a sign that I know what I’m doing now, though, because I really really don’t, and part of the reason I’m writing this post is to get my thoughts in order because I think I’m […]

The deep sea of ignorance
Three weeks ago I started my PhD. I knew that there’d come a point when I felt adrift on a sea of ignorance, but frankly I hadn’t expected it to happen quite so soon! I think all research projects go through this stage. You start out, full of eagerness and anticipation, reading everything in sight, […]

(Re)writing for radio
Taking the visual out of an interdisciplinary composition

Zero to Infinity: Fear of the ephemeral
Performance, art and why some artworks should be allowed to disintegrate

Positive changes: Exploring the I Ching for composition
You may recall that when I was first working on Crossing Dartmoor, I experimented with dice and other chance techniques to create and develop musical materials. At the time I wrote about how unexpectedly liberating that experience was, and I’ve continued to use some of the systems I worked with at that time in my […]

RPM Challenge album complete!
1200RPM:RPM2015, an album of new electro-acoustic work, is now online and available for free download

RPM Challenge 2015 is on!
Back in 2012, I signed up for my first RPM Challenge, subverting the format slightly to compose 10 new works (which turned out to be 9 new works plus 1 new arrangement due to unexpected concussion) for 10 different performers who then all recorded their pieces for the album Lucky Dip. That was a fantastic experience for […]

2015: My Year of Fear
Last year I ‘followed my fear’ to successfully break new ground with my work, so this year I’m dedicating myself to seeking out new areas of insecurity to see how this approach can help develop other areas of my practice.

Considering improvisation
When 'Good Enough' is good enough.

Breadcrumbs video and a new project
I’m delighted to say that the video of Breadcrumbs at Tête à Tête: The Opera Festival is now online. It’s missing a couple of bits at the beginning, but gives a pretty good idea of how the performance turned out. Many thanks to Tête à Tête for arranging for it to be recorded. Performers: Charlotte Richardson, […]