Caitlin Rowley is a composer of classical and experimental music which often blurs the boundaries between music and art. Current projects include an experimental song cycle for tenor and piano and a series of video pieces. She is currently accepting commissions for 2016. Find out more about Caitlin and her work.

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  • Am such a nerd. Super-excited to receive the 90 pages of readings which are prep for next wk's Music Analysis Summer School. WHEEEEE!
  • Mmmmm. Schnittke.
  • Also today: 3 weeks until I'm on a plane to Aus, not to return to civilisation for 3 whole months. PANIC STATIONS! MUST SEE ALL THE ART!


Audiovisual piece exploring key issues from my Master of Fine Arts research project, ‘At the Borders of Music, Art and Text: Exploring an interdisciplinary approach to composition’. Read more about Manifesto ยป