Caitlin Rowley is an Australian composer living in the UK. She writes new classical music, often drawing inspiration from modern art. Current projects include an experimental song cycle for tenor and piano and a series of video pieces. She is currently accepting commissions for 2015. Find out more about Caitlin and her work.

2015: My Year of Fear

Last year I ‘followed my fear’ to successfully break new ground with my work, so this year I’m dedicating myself to seeking out new areas of insecurity to see how this approach can help develop other areas of my practice.

On Twitter

  • This one has working title of "A very quiet piece". Naturally, it involves shouting.
  • Already multitasking when BAM! New text score idea! Must write it down immediately! Inspiration creeps up, then strikes w deadly force...
  • aargh. piles of goat drawings all over the desk, getting in the way. must finish that piece this week!


One of a set of experimental vocal pieces presented in the form of art prints. 2014.


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