Caitlin Rowley is an experimental composer, artist and performer. Her work often dissolves the boundaries between music, art and text. Current projects include a piece which uses cameras as instruments and a solo piece for performer and video. She is currently accepting commissions for late 2018. Find out more about Caitlin and her work.

Taking the private public

There’s something rather odd, really, about making a decision to share private material in public. It’s a process which is attended with questions like ‘why would anyone care?’, ‘but what if people are mean about it?’ and of course ‘what if people think I’m a raving narcissist?’ These are all quite possible of course and […]


Until 13 November: Aides Memoire on BBC iPlayer

20 November 2017: Community of Objects at hcmf//

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Latest vlog episode

The twelfth episode of my (approximately) fortnightly video blog. In this episode I’m talking about the latest changes to Community of Objects after its performance at the RA, plus practical work on Whitespace, a new score-based project I first mentioned in episode 10. Subscribe to my YouTube channel for regular(ish) updates, or view all episodes here »